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Care & Handling

TUF Steps for Fresh Flower Care

1.  For purchased loose flowers, prepare a flower food solution and recut the base of all fresh flowers stems.  Place immediately in flower food solution.

2.  For purchased or gift arrangements, check the container for water upon arrival.  Add flower food solution if needed.

3.  Place in a space in your house free of drafts and air conditioning or heating vents.

4.  Check water levels daily.  Add flower food solution as needed.

5.  Recut the stems of your fresh flowers every couple of days and change water as needed.  Think clean; flowers like a fresh environment.

6.  If you are collecting fresh flowers and foliages from your yard or garden, start clean.  Clean buckets and vases washed with antibacterial soap, then air-dried.  Cut stems with a knife on a diagonal; this opens more surface area for water uptake.  Allow flowers to take up water for at least 4 hours before using in arrangements.

7.  Soak floral foam properly before use.  Allow foam to take up water by free-float method.  Fill basin; add fresh flower food; drop into basin and allow to take up water without forcing into water.  Foam will fill with water within 2 minutes.

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